Venus Rey Jr

The Fifth of May Symphony

Concert at the National Center for the Arts, Mexico City (May 6, 2015)

Enivia Muré, soprano

Fernando Lozano, conductor

Filarmónica 5 de Mayo

Choir of the BUAP

​Magda Rey, chorus master

To celebrate the 155th Anniversary of the Battle of Puebla (in which the Mexican Army defeated the French invaders), Channel 22 will Broadcast in the United States the Fifth of May Symphony, by Mexican composer Venus Rey Jr.

Viewers in the United States will be able to watch these broadcasts through DIRECTV (channel 446).

The schedules for the transmissions are as follows:

Friday May 5th 2017
18:00 (EST), 17:00 (CST), 16:00 (MST), 15:00 (PST)

Saturday May 6th 2017
19:00 (EST), 18:00 (CST), 17:00 (MST), 16:00 (PST)

Viewers in Mexico will be able to enjoy the broadcast on Saturday 6th May 2017, at 16:00 hours (Mexico City time), through Channel 22.

Trailer en Español

Trailer in English

Channel 22 will broadcast the Fifth of May Symphony in the USA

Para celebrar el 155º Aniversario de la Batalla de Puebla, el Canal 22 de México transmitirá en los Estados Unidos la Sinfonía 5 de Mayo del compositor mexicano Venus Rey Jr.

Los televidentes en Estados Unidos podrán ver estas transmisiones a través del canal 446 de DIRECTV.

Los horarios de las transmisiones son los siguientes:

Viernes 5 de mayo de 2017
18:00 (EST), 17:00 (CST), 16:00 (MST), 15:00 (PST)

Sábado 6 de mayo de 2017
19:00 (EST), 18:00 (CST), 17:00 (MST), 16:00 (PST)

Los televidentes en México podrán disfrutar la transmisión el sábado 6 de mayo de 2017, a las 16:00 horas, tiempo de la Ciudad de México, a través de la señal nacional del Canal 22 (22.1).

El Canal 22 transmitirá en Estados Unidos la Sinfonía 5 de Mayo